Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I WANT: to go to Disney World again…soon.

I HAVE: the best family on the planet.

I WISH: that I had more time with my Mom

I HATE: people that honk their horns for no good reason.

I MISS: dates with my hubby.

I HEAR: everything…or so I tell my kids. ;)

I WONDER: what my kids will be like when they grow up.

I AM NOT: quiet in the evenings. I SPEAK LOUDLY LATE AT NIGHT.

I DANCE: with kids standing on my feet.

I SING: four words for every song…and that’s all I know.

I CRY: at anything really sappy…when I’m in the mood.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: beautiful scrapbook pages.

I WRITE: in an attempt to improve my writing…as often as it strikes me.

I CONFUSE: words, names, you name it I confuse it!

I NEED: more sleep, but what parent can’t say the same thing???!!!

I SHOULD: go to bed earlier (see the next answer!)

I START: each day WAAAAY before my body wants to.

I FINISH: each day with a kiss from my hubby.

Now it's your turn...

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