Sunday, July 09, 2006


Man, can this little man rip a big one! He seems so nice and sweet looking, but he is ALL BOY!

We were sitting at Silver Diner tonight (Sunday is breakfast for dinner night) and Sam, like usual, ripped a big HUGE burp. Then, after laughing at hinself, in a little tiny voice, said Excuse Me! While we insist on the politeness, there's just something wrong about the whole big huge burp followed by politeness. It's like pounding on your brother then aplogozing, then pounding on him again because you know that you can apologize an get away with it (he does that too...sigh...boys...).

The best part, or the worst, depending on which side of the table you sit, is that he sits there and tries to burp more! Over half the time he is sucessful...but polite again. DRIVES ME NUTS! When did this cute little guy turn into a BOY??!!!

I guess one day I'll look backon this time and say "Remember when Sam was POLITE after he burped? Now he just burps and LAUGHS!!! AAARRRRRRGGGGHHH! Gotta catch that on video though - it's TOOOO funny...and very unexpected. He really does rip a mean burp - if I weren't is mother I'd be so proud...I mean appalled...I guess if I was his Dad I'd be proud - and you can GUARANTEE that Tom is proud of him for this...BIGGER SIGH...

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