Sunday, July 23, 2006


Is it so wrong to want to BLING out my phone? Before you answer that, listen to my logic:

1. I don't often wear jewelry, so that would be my accessory.
2. I'm barely in this century as far as style goes, so this would certainly improve my status.
3. The BLING looks soooooo cool!
4. Pink it it baby!

(Yeah, those last two aren't really reasons, but I ran out of steam.) Tom basically stood there and laughted at me and told me that I really wasn't going to bling out my phone. This from the man who said that I couldn't get personalized license plates. Who is he to judge - my style impaired hubby? He's puzzled by the purses so I can't expect him to get the whole sparkly phone thing.

The only catch is that the phone that I have now is TERRIBLE. Not just bad connection terrible, but drop your call for no apparent reason terrible. Drop your call because it's Tuesday terrible. Can't think that I'll have this phone for a whole lot longer, so I don't want to sparklify a phone that I am not going to keep. Currently I have General Grevous on the outside of my phone (the creepy guy from Star Wars). I also have a great ring tone - Darth Vader's theme song - the Imperial March. Can't beat that with a stick, but I do want to get me some BLING! OOOOHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHHH!


Anonymous said...

where do you get your phone blinged out ??????

Suzie said...

You can look online for kits that come in all sorts of colors and designs. They aren't available for all phones though, but just search around and you'll be able to find it pretty easily!