Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So MJ has passed away

If you have been anywhere near a phone, newspaper, or any other people over the past week you know that it was a rough week for the entertainment industry. For the older generation, we lost Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. She was just before my time really, but she was definitely an icon I grew up with. I guess after Charlie's Angels she fell off my radar, but apparently she stayed on Tom's as he was a bit more concerned about her than the other death of the week - Michael Jackson. I wrote a piece for DC Metro Moms a few minutes after I heard about his death - the feelings were weird considering I don't' listen actively to his music, nor do I don the "Glove" that I coveted all those years ago. And it has been years. But I was sad at the loss - I really do consider him a genius. Anyway, take a peek HERE at my response to hearing that he had passed away.

What a week.

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