Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The dreaded phone call

Anyone who has school aged kids knows that when the school phone number pops up on caller ID that either A) your kid is in trouble, or B) your kid is sick. My calls all tend to be either sick kids, plus the occasional call from the administration about school/PTA stuff. Well, my call today was so off base that even the clinic aide was laughing when she called. Poor little Ian slept funny on his pillow last night and his back is sore today. I guess at some point he told his teacher and they sent him to the clinic. He then told the aide that he's been in there a lot so that she should know who he is (he's in kindergarten, folks), but in reality he's only been in there three or four times this year. Anyway, after hearing his story about his two pillows, she told him that he probably slept funny and that he would be O.K. He wanted to call me for reassurance, and I told him the same thing (after she told me what he said). So, in the end I get a phone call from school that one of my kids has a sore back. I told him to take it easy the rest of the day and he would be fine. Truth is, he also had gymnastics yesterday, so he might have pulled something there as well, but at least it wasn't a call about a kid throwing up at school...again.

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BOSSY said...

In Bossy's neighborhood the school nurse was Nurse Crystal, which sounds like a character in a movie.