Sunday, June 07, 2009

I love goldfish

Well, not really love them, but LOVE them. And I don't mean the $.25 variety that you get at the church fair. I love the swimming around in a box with a big smiles kind of goldfish Goldfish. I pour big bowls of the stuff when I sit down for a snack. I demand that Tom get his own bowl when we are watching a movie (yes, I eat them instead of popcorn). I even request, respectfully of course, that he not come home until he has reloaded our stash.

There are several varieties of Goldfish, however, but I like just the one - Flavor Blasted. I like to suck the seasoning off the outside then crunch them down. And there's just something extra special about opening that new box of Goldfish (we get the biggest box that we can) - it's a fresher, crunchier, somehow more covered with seasonings goldfish that comes out of a newly opened box. Sigh...there must really be something wrong with me. No one should like Goldfish this much.

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