Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sleep disrupted

Max did it, so did Ian and Sam. And Lucy isn't going to be left behind. As she takes those first steps toward mobility, her sleep is disrupted. Often at night we hear her crying out then settling back in, and for several nights over the past week Tom and I have seen 3 or 4am. We thought we were in the clear with this kiddo since she was sleeping through the night from the get go, but no. Those developmental changes really are throwing her for a loop. Hopefully they will come and the sleep disruptions will go quickly - she's recovering fine but as we get older it's that much tougher to keep the eyes open mid-day after an all nighter!

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BOSSY said...

Bossy has kids who are older, so this subject is moot. Except it's not, because Bossy has become the infant in her own life who can't sleep through the night.

Silly Bossy!