Friday, June 26, 2009

Math worksheets anyone?

My kids, in the midst of summer break, have asked for some math worksheets. They have spent their days playing Pokemon, Bakugon, getting muddy, and inhaling various books (they are already halfway done with their summer reading lists for the library challenge!), yet they want more. About this time every year they have asked for some math workbooks, and up until last year I went out and hunted down the appropriate workbooks for each of them - at a great cost. Those cool workbooks don't come cheap. So I went online last summer and found a glorious, glorious site where you can print your own worksheets - and TONS of them. They break it out by grade, then by skill. It is certainly something to look into if you have kids of any age - it goes all the way up through elementary school, but then also has generate your own pages, equation editors, fraction calculators as well as separate sections for learning rounding and factoring. Simply the coolest math site that you'll see for elementary school aged kids. And best of all - it's FREE! So, when your kids holler that they are bored or want something quiet to sit down and do, check out:

(And no - I'm not getting any kickbacks for this - I just wanted to share a very cool site with you! If it were a trip to the Bahamas, then maybe kickbacks would be good, but I'm not so much into doing product reviews for anything other than sharing with my friends!)

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AA said... is a great resource. You can also find some more free worksheets and even free math videos at

The worksheets can be found for different grade levels here

The videos can be found here