Thursday, June 04, 2009


I don't know if the boys never hit this stage, or if I have completely erased it from my memory, but Lucy screeches. And she's been screeching a lot lately. Every time she opens her sweet little mouth over the past few days, depending on the proximity to my ears, of course, out comes one of a variety of special noises - all of which are deafening. You know that feeling after a rock concert when everything sounds muted? That's a temporary threshold shift (Sounds fancy right? That's what you learn when you are married to someone who studies this stuff!). Lucy creates that exact feeling in my head about 20 times a day. It seems that the closer to my head she is, the louder the screech. I guess the good part is that she's starting to understand what the word NOOOOOOOOOO means. And I'm starting to understand that my daughter is going to be a lot more like me than I ever expected - I'm a loud talker and somehow this is probably all my fault.

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