Sunday, June 21, 2009


You've heard of vacations, even staycations, but have you ever heard of a blogcation? Well, I've been on one, so if you read my blog regularly you know that I've been MIA for a few (well, 10 actually) days. Anyway, those days weren't filled with naps and bons bons, but school activities, trips into DC, and family fun (Loads of family fun!). We also started tap classes, had a gymnastics show, participated in field day, finished up soccer, graduated into new grades, lost a cat, found a cat, and had eye exams (threw that one in more for the flow of the paragraph - but our eyes are in good shape if you really want to know!). So, I'll leave you with a few last day of school pictures, and will share more in the upcoming days!

Sam and Sra. Cordero

Max and Ms. Hall

Max and Sra. Wedekind

Ian and Sra. Wydeven

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