Thursday, June 11, 2009

No more smack talking about the school phone calls - I promise

So here I was, a mere two days ago, bragging on the fact that the call I got from school, from the school clinic no less, was NOT that my kid was throwing up. Well, today I got that call. And it was so much worse than just throwing up. It was scrapes, throwing up, fainting, head bonks, and a low grade fever. Yikes. The caller said fainting, so I grabbed the girl and my lunch and motored in to school. Yeah, hadn't quite finished lunch before the call, and who knows when I would eat again. I got to school and Sam was still in the clinic, looking not so Sam colored. Sam was all scraped up after hitting the blacktop, and he was almost completely conked out after vomiting, then passing out in the clinic. And no, there was no clinic aide there today. Anyway, after a quick trip home, a brief nap, and a trip to the doctor, we learned that Sam has the same affliction that plagues his daddy - he passes out at inopportune times. For Tom it's when he's getting a shot or getting blood drawn. For Sam, apparently, it's when he's injured and there's blood. It's a sympathetic response - meaning he has no control over it and can't predict when it wills trike next (or in his case exactly what triggered it). So Sam is heading back to school tomorrow armed with a note saying he's not contagious so he can participate in field day, an I'm keeping my mouth shut as far as calls from the school go. If the school wants to call me, or not, feel free. I'll take whatever you have to send my way. I've learned my lesson on smack talking the school phone calls, and I'm so over it for the week. Yeah, done.

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