Friday, February 27, 2009

One of THOSE weeks

Ever have one of those weeks where you can't catch yourself coming OR going? Ever had one of those weeks where you had to look at the calendar not once, but FOUR times each day to make sure you weren't missing something? Ever have one of those weeks where you barely catch a shower most days - if at all - but you don't care?

Well, I just did. And to top it off my nasty throat swelly thing came back last night. It's like the cherry on top of the sundae, except my sundae was filled with multiple doctor's appointments, new glasses, lunch, birthdays, parties, loads of cupcakes (some burnt ones as well), and gymnastics. Thank goodness soccer is only on the weekends right now and Miss Lucy hasn't started her round of activities, otherwise I might have lost it. Two days this week I had FOUR things on the calendar. Two days there were three things, so you see how my week went. Even managed to volunteer at school one day and have lunch with a friend. Guess I could have dropped those things, but that was my "fun" for the week.

So at what point does it get better - or is it all downhill from here? We've already dealt with two birthday parties and a soccer game in one day, as well as a party and a game at the same time. I've done back to back to back activities, all the while keeping the boys fed and for the most part, occupied.

And geez, this week was no heavier or lighter than any other week. I guess that the schedule just got ahead of me this go round. When you are a little under the weather (we are fixing that in case you are wondering - throwing some really heavy stuff at it to get rid of it) life seems to run right past you. Since tomorrow is Saturday, and we have no soccer or anything on my plate (Tom's got stuff going on but I'm not involved in that at all) I'm taking a day off. Off from running around, off from Mom's Taxi, off from Mom's baking company, and off from kid wrangling duty (if I can con Tom into taking that over completely).

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