Friday, February 20, 2009

#2 Son is Down!

Did you know that we number our kids? Well, at least when we refer to them with each other we number them. Max is #1, Ian #2, and Sam #3. And the last two? Well, they are only those numbers because (as we tell them) they yanked out Ian first after they cut me open. Nice thing to say? Sure - boys dig that kind of stuff - just ask them how they were born.

Anyway, Ian stayed home sick today from school. He spent most of the day either asleep on Tom's side of the bed (as Tom says so that HE can get sick now) or playing with his DS or his sister. But he wasn't really really sick, just a little sick. He's the kind of sick that you-might-have-gone-to-school-if-it-wasn't-two-days-before-your-6th-birthday-party kind of sick. I want him to be 100% so he can enjoy his party - because missing his own birthday due to an illness just bites. So he spent the day hanging out with me, running interference for me with Lucy so I could get some extra laundry done, and sleeping. Oh the life of luxury. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be in better shape.

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