Friday, February 06, 2009

Being sick just ain't fun.

I think the title says it all. I've come down with a old once again. At some point over the past five months my body decided that it was done with it's Virginia honeymoon and is now allowing each and every pollen it the state to enter my body and piss it off. Sorry about the language, but it's true. That's exactly how my body feels - pissed off. And to top it off, I've lost my voice just about every time I've had a cold over the past five months. If you count it up that's FIVE TIMES total. Yes, my kids LOVE that mom can't holler, and my lovely husband really appreciates the fact that his loud-talker wife has to tone down the volume. He mentioned that at least twice today...snot. Anyway, I'm sick.

In case you are wondering, last time I got sick I dragged into first doctor in search of a magic cure, and instead got sent to second doctor. Apparently you aren't supposed to lose your voice just because you catch a cold. Sheesh - who said that my body follows any directions in the first place???!!! Anyway, first doctor sent me off to second doctor, and second doctor is sending me for allergy testing. Yeah, second doctor is sending me to my doom. Last time I was tested I was middle school age (or around there - it's all fuzzy) and I hit the lottery of allergies. I popped positive to pretty much everything that was native to Texas, including beer and football. Seriously, I was a mess of allergies. They gave me shots, I got better, and I finally got some sense and had a come to Jesus talk with the non-cooperative body. Now you can kick these allergies, right? The body, well, I did mention that it was non-cooperative, it said no. The meds continued until I fled the state at 19 to brighter pastures. Sunnier beaches, actually. Then back and forth in and out of a few places and I find myself here in Virginia for 2.5 years. It will be three years next month and according to second doctor that's the length of the free pass we are given upon arrival in this new state. So, the game of allergy lottery begins again. Honestly though, once we get this under control my hubby will lose his sultry voiced wife and get back the loud-talker, and the kids will have no place to hide from mom, but my throat won't hurt and the cough will go away for good. Or at least I hope.

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