Sunday, February 22, 2009

A most successfuly party indeed!

The little boys turn six this week, and today was their Super Mario Party. Initially they wanted to have the party here at home, but sanity is my main priority these days, and that would have pushed me completely over the edge. So, we rented the gym and a party room at the local community center and had our party there. The kids had a blast. We played smash the balloons to get the coins, a small version of skee-ball, pin the fireball on Mario, and a slightly different version of musical chairs (run by Max - thanks dude!). And we did make all the kids wear mustaches! Amazingly not a single one objected! Then off to the party room for coloring pages and cake and ice cream. A success all the way around!
The mustached party group

Sam playing skee-ball

Smash the balloons and grab some coins!
Ian playing pin the fireball on Mario

Suzie and Tom wearing those darn mustaches

Happy 6th Birthday Boys!

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