Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Cool Samhawk

At school the kids have Crazy Hair Day in June. Last year Max had stripes, and Ian and Sam both looked longingly at his cool do and wanted one of their own (the preschool did NOT have Crazy Hair Day and that would have caused a big old ruckus if we sent them in with crazy hair). Ian says that when HIS crazy Hair Day comes around he wants to get stripes or circles painted on - in wild crazy colors. And Sam? Well, he wants a mohawk. Easy enough you'd think, but I am NOT the master of the haircuts. I am perfectly capable of cutting the boys (and Tom's) hair with a pair of clippers, #3 guards all the way around. But that and the hair spray type color is the extent of my skill set in regards to the whole hair thing.

Then I tried something new. Sam had really, really long hair and was in need of a haircut. I started cutting with the clippers, trimmed him up, and left the middle part long. There was a mohawk in my son's hair and I did it all by myself. (Yes, I know I sound like I'm three years old, but geez, it was a big accomplishment!)

So here, in all of his glory, is Sam's cool mohawk:

It is tough to photograph a kiddo's crazy hair, but you get the general idea. We let Sam keep his cool do through soccer practice but cut it off before he went to school. Not really sure what the rules are regarding hair styles, and we're not really interested in getting our kindergartener sent home for a hair faux pas. But we are totally set for Crazy Hair Day next year - everyone is ready.

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