Monday, November 17, 2008

Cats are gross.

I say that with the most loving tone I can generate, but cats really are gross. Aside from everything else they do that isn't quite what I consider hygienic, they eat bugs. At least my cat does, and we find evidence of it regularly. I guess the good thing is that we don't see that many bugs - I always assumed it was because the bug guys come every three months and spray, but now I wonder how many the cat catches and digests. Here's the evidence - you be the judge:

Those sure do look like cricket legs to me - and I found this in the basement a few days ago. I guess that our Bunsen has some hunter in him still - the good life hasn't taken all of the cat out of him. And good thing he's cute, because seeing this might just send me over the edge if he wasn't.

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jamie said...

lmao. I just came across this.

Cats are all hunters. I live in a rural area, and here are some of the things they eat:

carrion - they love it. Even when it's loaded with flies and after the turkey vultures have had their share. Cats like eat it and rub their heads and fur all in it. They do this in the city too. It's just you don't see them... then they go home and crawl into their owners laps.

Bugs - yes they love grasshoppers. Actually, bushmen say they're very good to eat.

mice - naturally


snakes - yes, they take out snakes regularly.

We have a lot of strays in our area. They survive cold winters, like 20 below freezing. They're hunters and survivors in every sense of the word. People cry about not wanting their pets to starve and go hungry... nonsense. They won't and they don't... Not even if they spent their entire lives at home. They always have that nature with them.