Friday, November 07, 2008

The Election

Word clouds are cool. Hopefully this one will stay up for a bit as it's a really cool idea. I don't talk much about politics here - I could honestly go on forever about that as I'm a dyed in the wool policy wonk - but I'd like to keep this blog positive and steer clear of anything really controversial. Well, at least steer clear of those things that I consider controversial. Anyway, the Times has created a word cloud that represents what folks are feeling today. You can click on the supporters of either major party and see where they are at, and you can see the mix if you click on everyone. But what a cool idea to really get a sense of where people are the day after a major shift in our country's path has occurred. Here's the link, so enjoy.

And after you are done playing around with this, go take a peek at where my day after the election newspaper went to here.

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