Sunday, November 02, 2008

49710d 6h 27m

This is my phone. I love my phone. I buy Skins for my phone because I love my phone so much. Actually I love the skins, the phone is getting on my nerves lately, but that's another story. I used to love my phone tons and tons, and generally love what it can do now, so I'll leave the rest for another time. I love that I can download stuff onto my phone and my phone does things. it plays games, plays music, and saves my confused, direction impaired butt from getting lost.

I have Google Maps on my phone, and I can't tell you how many time I have used it since I got it. But every once in a while Google Maps does me wrong. If you've ever used it online, you know that occassionally it sends you to a place that has closed or moved, which makes me always call ahead. Imagine my surprise though when I saw the message above.

We were driving a total of 26.7 miles more to our destination, which, according to Google Maps, normally takes 38 minutes on this particular route. But geeez - a traffic delay of 49,710 DAYS, 6 HOURS and 27 MINUTES? What on earth? I live right inside DC's infamous beltway. it is known for it's traffic jams and delays. Just today there was a one hour trip taking three hours due to simple traffic creep - you know - traffic creeping for no reason. But 136 YEARS? That's way over the top DC style, and hoenstly, a bit much for me.

Just so you know, our 26 mile trip actually took about 25 minutes - no traffic, no stoplights, and certainly no 49,710 day delay.

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