Monday, October 22, 2007

Things Kids Say - Part Gazillion

Well, I've lost count now. It's probably only about 3 or 4, but I do get the zingers. And once again the zingers come when I'm in the car without another certified grown up. Sam mentioned the other day that once you turn 6 you become a grown up. That's not the zinger - far from it. I explained to Sam about grown ups being older - 18 or so - and the whole thing about being responsible, etc.

So, the zinger came out of the mouth of my oldest, Max, once again. Smart kid - full of good thoughts. And he's certainly full of fantastic questions. And apparently he has a desire to ask ME these questions though, and they almost always catch me off guard. "I don't think life is real. I just don't get it." Huh? Was he talking to me? Wonder what the heck he's talking about. "I think this is all just a dream - I really don't get it." Huh? Double huh? So we talked for a bit more - I went on about seizing the day and living each day to the fullest. Also, talking about how we don't know if it is all a dream (I wanted to cite that one season of Dallas where they erase the entire season by attributing it to Bobby's dream, but I figures that Max was a bit young for any of that explanation.) and how it is real for us because we are living it. He wandered about for a bit (we were on the way to soccer) talking about things in life that he can't tell are real or not, and then he hit me again. "How do you know how many kids to have?" Geez man. I have this one covered though - we didn't choose to have three kids, we chose to have two and had a bonus one thrown in there. But, this was a slow pitch compared to the rest of the questions, so I went into the decision making surrounding having kids - and then told him that sometimes folks just throw all that to the wind and welcome little folks into our lives anyway!

So, it was another car ride and another set of off the wall questions. While I go on about these questions, I really don't mind getting them. it shows me that he is plugged in, that's he observing the world around him, and that he's inquisitive. Couldn't ask for more in a little man.

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