Thursday, October 04, 2007

Arrrrggghhh...It's a Pirate!

Max wears glasses. I knew it was coming, just didn't know when. Well, that day was yesterday. He hit the eye doctor last week and she was surprised he wasn't running into walls and having trouble playing soccer - his vision was so bad. So, Max got glasses. He picked them out himself (after some guidance away from the really ugly orange ones) and ended up with a really cool pair. now it's only time until the other two get them as well.
The doctor was a hoot. She said that when he's 9 or 10 that he could get contacts. Hah. This from a woman with four kids - none of whom wear glasses. Guess she'll get that part figured out (although you'd think she'd have figured it out after the first 20 years of her practice). Anyway, bucking the national trends, Max is astigmatic in an eye that is farsighted. He is also slightly nearsighted in the other eye. Poor kid - shouldn't be able to hit the side of a bard with...welll...a barn. But somehow he's managed to not only get through the day without running into everything (don't get me started about falling off of chairs - that's apparently a genetic things with my kids - has nothing to do with vision) and is successful at playing soccer. Who knows - mystery unsolved for now.

So these cool glasses came with a bonus (and thus the pirate part of the post title). The eye that he really can't see out of is so weak that the other eye just basically took over (maybe that's why he's not running into stuff?). He is compensating completely with his left eye. So, for as long as he will tolerate each day Max wears a patch on his left eye and makes that right eye work. Aside from soccer, PE, riding bikes, and such, he is supposed to wear the patch as much as possible. His glasses are to remain on his face all day long.

Gushy Mom's note: He is TOTALLY CUTE with those glasses on! I may be biased, but he does the glasses thing well. maybe it's the style of the glasses, but he looks good in them.

So, now I present to you, Mr. Max in Glasses and Max the Pirate!

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My Life As It Is said...

I had to wear a patch when I was in 2nd grade. It worked - only needed it for about 6 months.