Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That four letter word that you don't ever want to hear but knew was coming...

Yeah, but it involves the kids, so it's not any of THOSE four letter words. I just popped open my e-mail and got a note from Max's teacher that one of the kids in his class has HEAD LICE. Yuk. Yuk, yuk, yuk. She explained that it was common among 2nd graders - apparently they are dirty little buggers (not the lice the kids). She went on to say that they checked all the kids and saw no more today, but to keep an eye out for them. Good thing we are cutting the boys' hair tomorrow anyway - Max has pictures on Wednesday and he needs a trim anyway. That won't prevent the lice, but they can be seen easier with less hair on the head. So I mentioned the lice to him, and he pipes up that "Yes, J. has lice." Huh. That's one of his good buddies. He was out of school a few days ago because of this and Max didn't feel the need to mention it. Guess he didn't realize that lice were BUGS THAT LIVE ON YOUR SCALP. Yuk. I told him not to touch anyone's hair and not to let anyone touch his hair, so hopefully we will dodge this bullet. I don't do well with bugs, so seeing them in my kid's hair will probably send me over the edge. I might have to be committed (and released after the lice are gone - completely gone). Yeah, I don't want to hear about the dust mites either - I get that they are there. But hey, as long as I can't see the dust mites, no harm, no foul. I'm itching just typing this. Yuk.
P.S. - I think the Louse that I found is cute - click on it and you'll see where you can get Lice, E-coli, Ebola, Fleas, Scum, White Blood Cells, Heart Worms, Lyme Disease, and many more. Seriously, go peek - they're cute.

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g. said...

My goodness! Post something else, please! That picture is distressing!