Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Little Engineer

Sam is turning into quite the Engineer. First it was the Transformers. He would sit there with these HUGE Transformers and the directions and attempt to transform them. Sometimes he is successful and sometimes not, but he keeps plugging away and eventually gets the toys to transform.

Today it was Legos. He is quite the Lego Creator. He is so proud when he builds anything and always shows us, but some of the stuff he's bringing me lately is pretty impressive. Today's creation was a ship - not unlike something you'd see in Star Wars. He built his ship from scratch with all the bells and whistles that a good ship would have - he pointed out 8 separate guns, two wings, and a few other parts that I have no idea what they are. And, as Tom pointed out, it was symmetric. That's pretty impressive for a four year old. Do we have a potential engineer in the making? Perhaps. This is something that Sam sits and does for longer stretches of time, which for him is something new. He tends not to sit for anything, even meals, so the idea that he has found something that can keep his attention and that he can completely wrap his brain around is cool. And the stuff that he comes up with keeps getting more and more complex. Today a miniature version of a ship, tomorrow, the real deal in our back yard.

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