Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swimming Lessons

This summer the boys took swimming lessons at our gym. All three thoroughly enjoyed it, and while Sam is still a bit hesitant, all three made great strides. Max is swimming by himself - quite a way across the big pool. He can swim under water some too - that's his new thing after seeing his cousins doing it. He loves doing the cannonball and slipping down the slide. He's gotten a big dose of courage from teh lessons, and continues to make progress. Sam is making steps, albeit baby steps. He is now jumping in with some assistnace, or into shallower water all by himself. He gets so excited when he "sticks his head in the water," when all he actually does is put the very tip top of his head in (face down but he keeps that part dry). He's still getting more comfortable in the water each and every day. I guess this is one sport that Sam won't be the master of anytime soon (he's a natural athlete). Ian on the other hand, is in hog ehaven int eh pool. He's trying desperately to swim - face in the water and everything. But, he tips his head up too far and his butt sinks. He'll get it very soon though as we swim about two times a week and he's fearless. He is so fearless that he will jump in water over his head if you aren't watching. Kind of scary, but encouraging that he's found something that he loves that is exercise!

So, the lessons are over for now - maybe more in the Fall as the boys are already asking - but here are some pictures!
(Well, pictures to come tomorrow - blogger is misbehaving!)

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