Monday, August 27, 2007

More Pictures!

This past weekend was our good friend Sabine's 7th birthday at this very cool pool / water park in Maryland. The kids had a ball and we all had cupcakes (yes, all of us, even those of us who shouldn't have)!




Dade and his Grandma

And some random pics:
New kids' plates and bowls from IKEA: $1 a piece
Hubby who arranges them by color so they look cool: priceless
Kiddo who grabs the bottom one to use for lunch: Let's just say that it's fortunate that he is cute.

Mission: The big slide at the fair. Here they go up the stairs.

They both did it! But look closely at their faces - Sam has a HUGE grin and Ian looks a little apprehensive. Seems the daredevil has his limits!

And my beautiful flowers in the kitchen - pink this week.

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