Friday, August 24, 2007

More Randomness

We hit the mall (for a birthday present for an old friend - Max's old friend and he's only 7!), along with the gym today and aside from one hungry 4 year old meltdown, it was a good day. I did note a few things as went went about our business, so I thought I'd share:

Driving instructors don't have to be good drivers - they only need to pretend to be occassionally. (I saw a driving instructor kareening around a corner, cutting off another car, and almost slamming into a second car.)

Kids reach for descriptive words that sometimes miss the mark. (Ian and Sam both think that Sprite is "spicy.")

Costuming is important - good costuming apparently is tough. (Max thought his cousin Michael was a pirate in High School Musical - the stage production.)

<-This is a pirate, not my nephew.

My children are addicted to Pokemon. (They have renamed all of their stuffed animals Pokemon names. Winnie the Pooh is now Plusle.)

This Pokemon addiction makes it even tougher for me to understand the little men. (The names are things like Plussle, Pahnpy, Evee, Flaaffy, Espion, and the list gets weirder. Can't understand what the heck they are saying until I see the name on paper or someone spells it out. )

Old men can get away with just about anything. (Old men are allowed to get out of their cars in the middle of MOVING traffic on a busy street during rush hour to close their slightly ajar (not open) trunks, without having anyone honk at them. Amazing.)

Max talks about very random things in the car. (Max like Aunt Sue's bedtime stories and wants to hear more. )

I love football. (He he he - I love football and the season is starting.)

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