Thursday, August 23, 2007

And the rest of the day

So today, after it got off to a late start (might have some iron deficiency issues - gotta get that checked out), was a good one. I took the boys to the pool and we swam for two hours. Then I washed them and we headed to dinner. Funny thing about Google Maps. It isn't always right. I went to a Chili's that supposed to be near the Target that we wanted to hit, yet there was not a Chili's in sight. So, I called the number and the lady said that it used to be the Chili's number but was now hers. Great phone I have - gives me directions to a non-existent Chili's. That's strike TWO for the Google Maps on my phone. Dig the phone, not so excited about the Google errors.

So, we hit the Silver Diner instead. It was freezing in there and the grumpy lady that sat us finally gave in and moved us to a warmer spot. Not a much warmer spot, but warmer non the less. We ate and quickly made our escape before the boys tore the place down. Then, we headed to Target. You know, the cool Target of the cart escalator variety? Well, I was on a mission to fill in the rest of the school supplies and maybe find some pants that fit. Well, we did find most of those supplies, sans those pesky glue sticks. And I did find two pairs of pants....and a pair of shoes. I am bound and determined to get a little bit of style - even asked the girls working there if the pants fit correctly. They were young adults and know a heck more about the style of today than I do, so I figured that I couldn't go wrong. The pants fit PERFECTLY. It's amazing the way it works when the body is properly proportioned...and the pants are the right size. I am swimming in jeans right now - can actually remove mine without unzipping or unbuttoning them. The legs are so baggy that you could fit two other legs in there with my one. So, I found a great pair of pants (and two shirts), and don't have a single pair of shoes to wear with them. So, off to the shoe aisles. After a few sarcastic comments from the boys about what I really needed, we found some cute box toed black shoes that look good on my feet. I've had shoes like this on before and didn't like the way they made my feet look, but that may have been in part because I had to look past these FF's to see my toes. Just kidding - these shoes are nice looking. I also grabbed two shirts on sale for $5 or so that fit nicely as well. I put the pants and the shirt on and voila - STYLE! Hopefully I don't look like a complete dork, but only time will bear that one out.
So, I'm slowly stepping into the 20th century...wait...21st century? Darn - I'm still behind the times. But at least I'll look cute in my new clothes!

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