Monday, August 17, 2009

You know you are from San Antonio when...

Saw this elsewhere and had to share!

You know you are from San Antonio when:

1.You know exactly how to get to the "Ghost Tracks" from anywhere in town.

2.You think "pro-choice" means flour or corn tortillas.

3.You've never been to the Alamo.

4.You think a health drink is a Margarita without salt.

5.You used to live in a neighborhood you wouldn't even drive through now.

6.You remember when Crossroads Mall used to be called Wonderland.

7.There has been a road crew on your street since before the Alamodome was built.

8.You're an expert with the brake pedal, but you have no idea what a blinker is.

9.You had breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana on Christmas morning.

10.You're elementary field trip was to the Butter Crust Bakery.

11. Your neighbors keeps Christmas ligts up all year round.

12. You think 100 is not too hot.

13. On Christmas Day the low is 68 and the high is 98.

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