Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yes, we lost a library book.

All the angst and buildup that I had to call the librarian today, and I was told that the charge would be the book price plus $3. That means that the total charge for Max's lost library book is a whopping $8. Yes, %8. All the fear that those darn librarians instilled in me when I was a young 'en came rushing back - and the punishment for losing said book was less than what I pay to get my nails done. Shouldn't there be a much larger fine for my transgression? I assumed that since those librarians in school beat it into us that we weren't to lose our books that there would be a HUGE price to pay. But there's not. And life will now go in in the house that loves their books. After, of course, we pay or $8 at the library.

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