Friday, August 07, 2009

ISTJ - Who knew!

Actually, I did. This simple online quiz is strikingly similar to the full Myers Briggs that I took in grad school. I'm loyal, dependable, and of course, offbeat. I'm also still a wee bit introverted, if you can believe that one! One site listed Darth Vader, George H. W. Bush, and Warren Buffet as similar personality types, but my guess is that none of those guys sat as squarely in the middle of all this as I do. Yeah, Darth Vader, he he he. And another site says that ISTJ is "Among the four highest in college GPA," and at the same time "One of two most overrepresented female types in a substance abuse program." Huh. Anyway, here I am (as of right now, today) if you are curious:

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So what's your type?

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