Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tom's Boo Boo

So this is how we ended our Sunday afternoon last week: Yes, that's Tom in an ER bed watching a bad Jessica Simpson movie (wait, they're all bad aren't they). Anyway, he was stoned out of his mind on Dilaudid at this point, but he had a stable fracture so they gave it to him for immediate pain relief since they didn't have to set it. He broke his arm playing soccer. You read that right - soccer. Seems that he went over a ball and fell, trying to catch himself so he didn't bust ass on the ground. Well, his arm took the brunt of it and he heard a pop. So it was off to the ER with us. The boys went to a friends house, and I have to applaud the folks at this particular ER - we were in and out in about 2.5 hours. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. I would have preferred a movie, but hey, Tom chose this date so I was along for the ride. He's on the mend now and the pain seems to drop more each day, so hopefully he'll be back up and running here soon.
And no - you can't really do any housework or change any diapers when your arm is broken. It's hard enough to button your jeans let alone mop the floor or do the dishes. And yes - I'm trying desperately to get Lucy to say "Boo Boo" - how cute would that be?

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Stimey said...

Oh, poor guy. That is a complete bummer. I hope he heals fast!