Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wanna stay up ALL night? YIKES!

I'm not sure whether to be impressed or scared that someone thought to put all this stuff together and sell it as a kit to gamers. Guess the college market was saturated with Red Bull and the likes, or that the gamers were not so keep on just energy drinks - they wanted more variety.

Regardless, this "Gamers Kit" contains all the sugar and caffeine (Mad Croc Energy Drink, 80 Hour Energy Spray, Mad Croc Energy Gum, Jack Links Jerky) that you'd need for a good night's worth of butt kicking on the old Nintendo (yeah, I know they don't say but kicking, and I'm fully aware that the Nintendo's aren't called that any more...). I just can't throw myself behind something that encourages folks to stay up all night. I did my share in college (sort of - always tended to fall asleep - reason generally took over at some point), so I'm not saying that you shouldn't stay up all night, but geez, you really shouldn't. And this coming from someone with an infant - someone who is definitely a night owl living in a world of early risers. Anyway, back to this "gotta stay awake so I can play more video game" kit. Some clever person really did a good job of hitting those gamers right where they are vulnerable - instead of candy or toys in the check out lane you see these kids - all nicely packaged and ready to take home. Crazy, crazy thing this is.

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