Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forgotten Decorations

It seems that every year it gets later and later when we actually put up our holiday decorations. Last year we had an issue with a moldy tree (welcome to the humid state of Virginia) and so that held us up by a day or two, but we were still cutting it close. This year we are two weeks out and only a single decoration has gone up - ONE. Maybe this means that next year we will barely get anything up (or take a vacation over the holidays so we aren't even here when we'd make use of them!), and then hit the reset button. For some reason I'm starting to dread putting up the decorations. Not sure why - they really do make me feel festive. Maybe it has something to do with me considering that everything that goes up must come down later - and that I'm feeling a bit lazy this year (and last for that matter).

I guess the good thing here is that we are within the window of NO college football games, so I actually have time on the weekends to do things other than watch football. While that brings me no delight on the football front, maybe this weekend will be the kick start I need to get things up around here. Then again maybe that's something we can do as a family when the kids go on break from school...on December 24...sigh...

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