Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My TiVo is empty.

Yes, my 80 hour TiVo is empty. Seems that the broadcast networks aren't showing any new episodes of the THIRTY FIVE or so shows that I am actively recording. Some start up in January, some run only in the summer, and some are on holiday break. But not a single new show inthe past two weeks? I have a 2004 episode of Monk recorded, several hours of the Paralympics, a few old episodes of Robot Chicken and South Park, but nothing else. Where did the rest of the TV world go? They are really leaving me in the lurch here - having to watch Robot Chicken and South Park are really making me stretch. Where is my Law and Order? Where did CSI go? Where is anything Sci-Fi, murder mystery, or comedy? Are there any dramas left? Anything suspenseful? I guess that it's off to Blockbuster to rent last season of Dexter (one of my favorites from that channel that we don't receive). Oh well, guess that when January rolls around I'll have plenty to watch. In the meantime I'll sit here and drown my sorrows in college bowl games.

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