Friday, December 19, 2008


"Pneumonia is a lung infection that can make you very sick."

Yeah, and Ian discovered this the hard way. While the rest of the world reads about illnesses, he tackles this one head on. Ian has had bouts of coughing on and off for several months, but they always clear up. This time though he was waking at night and nothing we gave him seemed to make a dent. So, off to the doctor we went and she diagnosed him with a mild case in one lung only. Whew! Mild. But still pneumonia. After four days off from school, and three days of antibiotics under his belt (and one good night's sleep!) we sent him back into the trenches. He had a ball. After saying on Day 2 of his "vacation" that he liked being sick because he got to stay home, he said on Day 1 back to school that he really missed school and he actually LIKED to go to school. Whew! Guess those *yawn* boring days at home changed his mind. But Aunt Ray was here for most of his little vacation, so she too got some rest!

Needless to say the antibiotics are starting to kick in and the coughing at night at least has subsided. He's on the mend and will be able to have a Christmas free of hacking, coughing, bag under his eyes, and falling asleep mid-sentence (he really didn't so that but it sure looked like he might a few times).

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