Monday, December 22, 2008

16 Degrees

A few weeks ago Max lost the outside of his cool two layer winter coat. You know the kind - fuzzy on the inside, wind and rain resistant on the outside - perfect for those winters like we have here when it warms up as the day goes on. Anyway, he lost the outside of his coat and now he's lost his light jacket. And did I mention that it is 16 degrees outside - feels like ONE DEGREE? He was layering his light coat over the inside of his new jacket, but since that's gone too, he just going to be cold today. Hopefully since it's Monday and a short day he'll just stay inside and not freeze. But man, it's off to the store to get him coat #2 for this year. Yikes - hope he hangs onto this one or this could get expensive. One thing for sure - I'm not getting him a fancy coat where the inside zips out.

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