Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scoring Mom Points

I was going up to the school on Friday to bring Max's class some cookies for their Holiday party. Honestly next year I'll just show up as they had WAAAAY too many snacks there and about half of the cookies came back home. Anyway, I was a few minutes early so I sat in the car and sang to Lucy (who doesn't seem to mind that I'm basically tone deaf these days) and then finally wandered in. Well, did I totally score some mom points by walking in at just the right time. Sam's class, along with two others, were singing carols and wandering the halls of the school spreading holiday cheer in Spanish. I got there right when they were up at the front office, so I not only heard them signing, but Sam saw me and gave me a HUGE smile. Couldn't have had better timing if I'd planned it.

"Cascabel, cascabel
Música de amor..."

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