Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School: 2008 Edition

Like last year, Max wasn't very forthcoming about his first day of school. But he's in third grade now, with the same teachers from last year (dual age immersion program) so it was all old hat to him and we weren't expecting much info.
Ian and Sam however, started Kindergarten this year, so we were hoping for more info about the first day of school. They were both very excited that morning - slightly more obnoxious than normal, but all set to start school:



We threw them on the bus with Max and sent them on their way.

And what did we learn from these three jokers about their first day?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, after a bit of teeth pulling we learned that they had recess...ummm...they ate lunch...OH yeah - they rode the bus to school (but we already knew that because we put them ON the bus that morning)...and well, that's pretty much it.

All three seemed to have had a pretty good day, and after gymnastics class for the little boys, all three were pretty much done. So, I'll chalk this up in the win column for the Phipps family. Not going to complain about three basically happy kids, exhausted from their first day, and full of little to no information.

And yes, like Max's first grade year I'm reporting a bit late in the game, so I can say that the second day of school was full of just a little more information. Pointed questions always help, along with the requisite note from the teacher! Seems that at least one of our kiddos actually did stuff on the first day of school. The rest, well, they're happy so no complaining here!

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