Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bad mommy.

We have no milk, and no bread, it's 11:58pm, and the boys have a need for lunches at school tomorrow. I tried to remember today to get milk and bread, but no, it just didn't happen. It's not like I really did anything else, but apparently I'm easily distracted. I can't even imagine what my children will eat for lunch tomorrow. The milk we can do without for a small bit. The bread, well, two eat sandwiches and we really don't have anything else for them to eat aside from cold Mac N Cheese or cold chicken nuggets (that's the preference of the third kiddo). So we'll see how it all falls out in the morning. Am I going to be running to the store in the morning, or will the boys figure out something else to take in their lunches? Am I the bad mommy tomorrow, or will I swoop in and somehow save the day? Cross your fingers that we all work something out, but I'm sure we will.

Maybe I can get myself a milk man..and bread man...hmmm...

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