Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soccer Game #1 - Max!

We have three boys playing soccer this year, and Max's team is now keeping score. Tom is actually coaching both teams for the boys this year - they were short on U-6 coaches and my kind hubby offered himself up. It's actually pretty cool that he gets to work with all three - he's a great coach and really instills a love of the game in the kids.

For Max's team this year they are playing U-8. It's competitive - they really do keep score now. The first game went swimmingly - considering that the kids only had one practice due to a rain out, and we have two kids that haven't ever really played before. They all kind of got it, and that was neat to see. Max not only scored a goal or two, but he played well and had fun. Can't ask for more than that!
Max working his magic!
(The big guy in yellow is the Ref, not a giant 8 year old, and no, Max
doesn't have a "tail" - it's the glasses holder hanging down in back!)

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