Thursday, September 04, 2008

Our Season's First Visitor

No, it isn't the lovely holiday season that spans the new year. And it isn't the warm summer season where friends come to visit. It's Hurricane Season, and for the first time since living in the DC area we have one headed right towards us:
We used to live in Florida and survived much larger more direct hits, and several not so direct hits. But since we've been here there haven't been any hurricanes that have headed this way. Hanna, in a slightly drunken path, is heading here day after tomorrow:
And while Hanna looks like a big storm, it's really this one that makes me nervous:

Ike is a scary looking, well formed storm. Who knows what he'll look like next week, but cross your fingers for just about everyone that he takes a wicked right turn and heads back out to sea. Those poor folks in Haiti and the Caribbean have had enough this year and there are still 80+ days to go. I'm not so concerned about the DC / Virginia / Maryland area, but about the folks who have lived through two storms. The ones who lost everything, some including family, and who are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. Can't imagine how tough that must be. So keep your eyes on Mr. Ike and hope that he has the good sense to give up before he hits land.

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