Monday, May 05, 2008

The Scaredy Cat

Our cat Bunsen has a hsitory of being terrified of any service or repair folks that come in our home. The babysitter doesn't scare him, the mailman doesn't bother him, but he growls at the bug guy and the UPS guy when they come to the door, and he cowers from everyone else - plumbers, electricians, A/C guys, and now, the carpet guys. Well, the carpet guys brought a big loud hose that snaked through the house, but the cat never even came downstairs. He hid under our bed (ignore the dust bunnies - he cleared a bunch out when he emerged):
and he is resting safely here now:

Years ago he climbed the stairs to the attic when the A/C was bring repaired, and it took cat treats, bacon, and about six hours to get him down. He was so freaked out that even after the repair guy left he was too scared to come down - talk about a scaredy cat...but we love him (and now we have clean carpets in the basement!)

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