Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sam's Plant

Sam planted a few seeds in a cup about a week and a half ago in preschool. Last week they sprouted up and ever since Sam's been checking on them to see how they are growing. The really cool part is that they WERE growing! In our house of things that don't live long, here we had a specimin that seemed to defy that dictum, and continued to grow well past the first few days of it's little life.

And then it turned south (not the direction, but downhill). As with any other cute plants in our house, it is dying an untimely death. This one was accidental, not due to my black thumb though. And poor Sam - he doens't have a clue because he didn't ask about his plant today...yet. Last night while doing hte dishes, I asked Tom to turn the cute little plant so that it would keep growing straight up - it leans towards the sun and while it's probably not necessary, I was doing this every few days. Well, Tom obliged me and then knocked the plant off the window ledge. And the broke. So now the plant that was healthy and growing, now looks like a stump.

The worst part - we're not sure what seed it was that took off growing, and so we can't easily replace it. There were three seeds that we know of in there - a pumpkin seed, a tomato seed, and a flower seed. I looked online and the pumpkinand tomato seeds produce diffferent leaves than what we saw. But a flower? Well that could be anything. So, when Tom talks to Sam tonight about this and explains what happens, I'm sure we'll end up planting a while field of flowers - wildflowers that is - and they'll most likely be outside, away from the sink, where neither Tom nor I can kill them.

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