Tuesday, May 06, 2008

EEEK! Mosquitos!

We've been hanging outside more over the past few days due to the incredibly beautiful weather here. But so have the mosquitos - and there aren't just a few of them. For some reason the mosquitos have bred like bunnies this year. They are in the trees, the grass, on the deck, even on the walls of the house. They seem to just be hanging out everywhere. Before we head outside we have to coat ourselves in bug spray, not really a big deal. But the bugs still fly in our faces, land on our arms/feet/necks/legs, and try to fly in our mouths and up our noses (yes, a mosquito tried to fly up my nose). But our big problem with mosquitoes is that we have kiddo that's allergic to them - Sam gets hives when bitten. So it becomes even more critical to prevent those darn bugs from getting to Sam. We have the Off! Power Pads that cover a decent area, but Sam and the other two are all OVER the yard, so it only works for a smallish area mainly on the deck.

I had pretty much had it with the bugs up my nose and having to come in early to avoid them, so Tom grabbed us some mosquito killer spray when he ran out tonight. Right off the bat I knew it would work for us - there's a warning on the can that says not to spray it near your car if you are using it in the garage - so it HAS to kill those pesky pesks. Well, tomorrow will tell - I coated all the obvious spots with the spray, but here's to NO MORE MOSQUITOS!

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3XMom said...

Please Please Please let me know if it works! We need something like that.