Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Watchdog

Periodically our cat Bunsen starts to hang out near something - a corner, a closet, an appliance. Most of the time he is chasing what we call "carpet snakes." A carpet snake is a common creature, found only in homes where crazy cats live (that's basically every cat out there), and runs under the carpet, wood floor, rug, pile of clothes, or whatever else it feels like. A carpet snake is an elusive creature - having never been seem by a human - ever, but they are hunted ferociously by the crazy cat.

But there are times that I wonder - wonder if he's seen anything under that stove, behind that closet door, and you get the drift. He's been stalking the wily carpet snake for a few nights now - under the stove this time, but I'm wondering if it isn't something more. The last time he took up station in one spot he hunted up a mouse. Here he is doing it again. And that's a bit creepy.

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Tina Totten King said...

Carpet snakes?!?!? I LOVE IT!!! My cats are crazy insane and one in particular does the stakeout routine a lot. But...I think we have more visiting (and short-lived) mice in this house than we know. It's an old house with a basement so I know there's places where they get in. The last time we know of that a mouse was caught, the two older cats kept catching the poor thing as it tried to get away and carrying it back to the kitten. Funny how cat behavior is so similar, from lions to tabbies.