Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'll blame Becky for this one.

I am not a girly girl. I don't have any sense of style, nor do I know how to accessorize (or wear lots of jewelry). When we lived in Texas I hung out with folks who had a much better sense of style that I did. One of those folks, Becky, collected (and actually used) purses. She had an undisclosed number of purses and they were of every shape, size, and color. Well, Becky, Kim, and a group of friends got me this GREAT FSU purse and I use it proudly during football season. But some of her purse loving has apparently rubbed off. I now hoard purses. Thanks Becky - if you're reading this I know it will make you proud! My collection is small, but I have many more purses than I have pairs of shorts, I surpassed my shoe collection a while back (it's pretty small so it's not a big stretch), and I have more purses than years I've been married. So, here's to the two newest addition to my purse family - an FSU purse and a coveted UT purse! Can't wait for football season to put them to good use!

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Anonymous said...

Cute purse! Becky would be very proud.

Kim :)