Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Close the DOOR!

I need the car manufacturers to invent a system that lets me know when my car doors are open. You see, I have a problem that I'm apparently incapable of fixing all by myself. Actually, I've gotten it under control somewhat, but here the gist:

Yes, I leave my car doors open - and I do so regularly. I'm not sure if I'm not hitting the door close button hard enough, or if it bounces open, but I regularly come out and find my doors open. Can't blame this one on the kids - they aren't allowed tot ouch the doors. Max is now allowed to close the door once he's in the seat, but that's when he's inside strapped in, and that's never been a problem.
I've even had a bird get stuck in my car overnight because the doors were left open once. So, you see, I'd love it if the car manufacturers would create something to take the responsibility of closing the car doors away from me. Then again I can just take an extra minute to make sure that they are closed and stop being such a ninny. Funny, that's what Tom says too - not the ninny part but the rest. Sigh...

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