Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's March on Meth!

"March on Meth Parade" I saw this on a flyer, I kid you not. We were in Sedona for Dad and Doreen's wedding back in March and I wanted ice cream. Well, Sedona rolls up the carpet at 9pm, so Tom and I found ourselves in the local Safeway buying these teeny tiny cups of Ben and Jerry's and Haagen Daas (for $1 a piece - what a deal!).

After running into my cousin and uncle, and after checking out, we saw these flyers sitting on the check-outs. See if it strikes you as odd as it struck us:

One has to read ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM before you realize that we aren't supposed to show up for the parade on meth. You'd think they would mention that up front. I'm sure that there might be some folks who would read this flyer as I did - and if they were ON METH while reading the flyer, might not even get to the end of it to find out that this was an anti-drug rally. Actually, an anti meth rally, because apparently the lovely little town of Sedona has a problem with meth (or so I'm led to believe by this flyer).

So, dear people of Sedona, next time you create a flyer for your parade, put the anti substance abuse tag line right at the top. And I promise, this time no one will show up on meth.

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Jay Andrew Allen said...

Isn't this par for the course with such things, though? The ostensible nature of organizing is to combat some great social ill. But really, it's just an excuse to have a huge potluck and feel like you're solving life's great problems simultaneously.

And yes, I'm a bit jaded. :)

(PS - just linked to you write-up on the individually wrapped potatoes. I've seen these at the store, too. Egads!)