Monday, April 09, 2007

Three days and counting!

As I sit here with my bra straps digging into my sides, I wonder what it will be like after my reduction surgery on Thursday. I also sit here thinking of all the things that I need to do. HAH! That's a list too long to go into, but it has brought up a few curious things. I need to take "before" pictures - clothed and unclothed. that's something I never thought I'd do. I do now have a Will and an Advanced Medical Directive, so that part is done (and we've needed that for a while). We've paid for most of the surgery - still have to get the anesthesiologist covered, but that's the last of it. Let's see - have all my post-op meds, Tom's folks are on their way to help with the kids, and I'm almost ready to teach my class tomorrow night. Need to do a few more loads of laundry, but otherwise I think that's it!

So, now I can get excited about this thing! I will get rid of the FF part of me, as well as all the extra that the kiddos "contributed" to my belly. I can stop wearing bras designed for women MUCH larger than me, as well as pants designed for women much larger than me. I wear pants four or five sizes larger than I need because I can't squish all that extra belly into the size that fits my legs and waist. My pants hang down now, so I look like I don't know how to dress (well, I don't, but that's a different story!). In about two months from now I should be able to walk (upright hopefully by then!) into a regular store and purchase regular sized clothing. As for the bras, I've only purchased bras from a specialty store - even had to order them from Texas after we moved here. I should be able to walk into any department store and buy a bra that fits. No more special ordering or $55 bras (unless they are very cute!)

So, wish me luck in getting the laundry done and the pictures taken. hopefully the class tomorrow will go quickly, and then Wednesday can be spent being excited. Tom's going to be in Florida Tues - Wed, so he'll avoid that over-caffeinated Suzie (without caffeine!) until he gets back Wed PM. And then keep me in your thoughts that all goes well and that I recover quickly. I'll get the pictures all up together once I am on the path to recovery and standing upright.

I'll also get some Easter pictures up tomorrow - we had snow on Friday and it's been unseasonably cold this Easter. But, Aunt Sue and my Dad were here, so it was a blast.

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henna's hearsay said...

So this is Thursday??? We will be thinking about you! One of the RR Bunco gals had this done and was so glad she did!

Best of luck recouperating