Thursday, April 19, 2007

So much out of place

So on top of having my insides all in different places, my calendar in a different place, and my living space in a different place (well, confined to a single floor in my house), my bookmarks list is also all in a different place. This is not a big deal, but a slightly disconcerting thing. I imported all my bookmarks into Internet Explorer - my Firefox is misbehaving since my computer is misbehaving and it was driving me nuts. So, I had to switch browsers (haven't mentioned it here but I HATE IE) in order NOT to drive myself completely nutso. Again, not a big deal, but the bookmarks are all in a different order, and half of the blogs I read are called something else now. Weird, but true. I had them in a certain order in which I checked them - those I check most frequently at the top, and so on down the list. But now I can't even remember which ones I read most often (that might be the drugs though) and so today I didn't even open up a single blog - and today was the first day I felt up to it. So, crawling back onto my couch, I leave the reading of the blogs for another day.

I'm a little behind on pictures, but here's a post-op picture, a happy picture, a well medicated picture, before I realized that the person in the other half of the room was going to have an all night party in her bed picture. Big smiles from me - no pain there, and I'm sure I was asleep three seconds after the picture was taken. Until the irritating folks next to me started their big gathering at 8ish (I'm now demanding a private room - didn't even think to ask for one this time) I was all happy and dozing. Poor Tom even had to come all the way back to the hospital (well, it's like 8 minutes from our house) to rescue me from these people and demand more pain meds - any later pics you might see are me growling at the nasty night nurse.

So, enjoy the smiling Suzie - she's still here and healing up at a good pace. Even cut my pain meds in half today - Woo hoo! (Although they are good pills...) So enjoy the picture!

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